2 Color Style Number Set

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Instruction (Using Heat Transfer Machine):

  1. Place the glue side (rough side) of the patch down on the shirt in correct position.
  2. Temperature: 320 °F
  3. Cover with material, make sure not to move the patch, such as cotton handkerchief or tissue paper.
  4. Time: 15 seconds
  5. Pressure: Very firm
  6. Peel: Cool (allow to cool for at least 60 seconds before carefully peeling the backing material).
  7. If the patch does not fully stick, recover and press for a further 5 seconds.
*Do not wash shirt for 48 hours after application. Do not put in dryer.

Century Soccer's 2 Color Style Number Sets are heat press vinyl to attach to your uniforms.

  • Durable
  • Bright visible colors
  • Lightweight

Strong. Tough. Made to last. These number sheets will stay on to the uniforms and show throughout many games. With bright colors available you can be sure that your number will be visible across the field.


Regular Number set includes numbers from  2~21
(Zeroes: x2, Ones: x12), Twoes: x4, Threes: x2, Fours: x2, Fives: x2, Sixes: x2, Sevens: x2, Eights: x2, Nines: x2)

 A+ size Number set includes 2~21, 23
(Zeroes: x2, Ones: x12), Twoes: x5, Threes: x3, Fours: x2, Fives: x2, Sixes: x2, Sevens: x2, Eights: x2, Nines: x2)

*sales are per pack. Images shown as an example of the color. 




Don't need the whole sheet or require just a name/number attached to your uniform/bag/accessory? Contact us through phone or email and we will attach the name/number at a reduced cost per product. You may also reach us with the Contact Form at the bottom of the page or 
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