20 Inch Hurdle Cone

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  • HEAVY AND SECURE - These 20 inch Hurdle Cones have an oversized, heavy duty base made from a durable high quality plastic, to ensure they remain strong & stable through extensive training and use with holes to provide a secure fit so that your agility poles don't move during use. 
  • ADJUSTABLE HURDLE HEIGHTS AND WIDTHS -These Hurdle Cones can be adjusted to 4 different hurdle heights depending on your training application. Secure agility poles inside the holes in the cones and  adjust to make the the hurdle wider or narrower for different training options.
  • SPORTS SPECIFIC TRAINING AND MORE. These 20 inch Hurdle Cones can be set-up in a broad range of configurations for sports specific drills or for improving overall fitness. Improve speed and stamina with the 20 inch Hurdle Cones.


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