Out Line Style Numbers

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Instruction (Using Heat Transfer Machine):

  1. Place the glue side (rough side) of the patch down on the shirt in correct position.
  2. Temperature: 320 °F
  3. Cover with material, make sure not to move the patch, such as cotton handkerchief or tissue paper.
  4. Time: 15 seconds
  5. Pressure: Very firm
  6. Peel: Cool (allow to cool for at least 60 seconds before carefully peeling the backing material).
  7. If the patch does not fully stick, recover and press for a further 5 seconds.
*Do not wash shirt for 48 hours after application. Do not put in dryer.
Regular Number set includes numbers from 2~21

A+ size Number set includes 2~21, 23

*sales are per pack. Images shown as an example of the color.



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